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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 11am-4pm
We also open the Occasional Sundays for special events and Over the Christmas period.


The Cuckoo's Nest, Marsden's village charity shop, opened for business on Saturday 23 June 2001.  The opening followed six weeks of an amazingly collective effort of a group of 30 people who were recruited at a meeting held in the Mechanics on 4 April 2001.  Judi Thorpe had taken up a suggestion made by Diane Green, who managed the village information office, along with Pam Etheridge that we should have a charity shop for the village.  Judi had just retired as a manager with Oxfam, and used her knowledge to plan the enterprise.

The vacant shop at the top of Peel Street was in a run-down condition but the landlord gave the shop a month rent free to renovate it.  Grants and loans allowed us to decorate and furnish the shop with display rails and shelving.  All the work was done by village people at little or no cost.  Volunteers were trained to operate the till, and to sort and display donations of goods which poured in on open days.

The opening was a huge success!  We were welcomed by everyone.  The band played us in and the Huddersfield Town Crier announced the birth of The Cuckoo's Nest Charity Shop, which has become an important part of the Marsden comminity.


Currently  there are 11 committee members, all voluntary
Committee meetings are held once a month
New members are welcome to join at the AGM in July